The Visual Artist Profession at Bandai Namco Studios

  • 2022.09.26(Mon)


Studio Art Manager
Shinya Sorimachi 

Shinya Sorimachi joined Namco in 2002. He worked extensively on the Ace Combat series and also presented in CEDEC 2011.
He took on the role of Visual Art Manager for the development of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, released in 2019.
He currently handles art management for multiple titles at Bandai Namco Studios, oversees all visual art positions, and works with various businesses and departments to formulate strategies and promote the profession.

Building our Future

The shape of entertainment continues to change, as seen in the accelerated transformation of an already diverse array of morals and values via social media and various media outlets or the unstoppable evolution of hardware and technology. These changes signify that our potential as visual artists continue to expand. 

As a group of creators that perpetually brings unforgettable work to life and refuses to become antiquated, we go beyond keeping up with trends. We seek to enhance our creativity by envisioning the future, showing our inventiveness, examining our characteristics as creators, absorbing and pioneering innovative technology, and iterating using various methods. Simultaneously, we continue to pursue, from a global perspective, unconventional and captivating visual expressions that build emotionally impactful fictional worlds.
By continuing to deliver experiences that are surprising and more emotionally meaningful than our customers ever expected, we intend to rack up a storm of innovation worldwide, and to build and shape our future through our own creations.

A Group of Professionals that Never Stop Learning

First of all, our foundations as visual artists need to be firmly established. That is why we strive to create an environment that lets us refine our specialty while stimulating our organization and creating synergy. We do this while enjoying and expressing our passions through technical research, regular seminars, and get-togethers in addition to our regular work on various projects.
I believe this environment is very beneficial for ambitious artists.
In addition, we place importance on the diverse qualities of our artists because we work with such a wide range of titles across various genres. We regularly hold career plan consultations to discuss the compatibility of the work we assign to artists and foster a company culture that allows each individual to grow and apply themselves in a variety of ways.
I would like each and every one of our employees to broaden their horizons according to their visions of their own future, be it further specializing their expertise, or becoming a leader and managing a team, or anything else they dream of.
Instead of simply answering our customers’ wants and needs, we apply our creative talents to deliver answers as professionals.
I believe that this will promote growth for individual employees, lead to the growth of the company as a whole through collective knowledge, and in turn lead to the realization of the company’s vision and purpose.

Join us in creating the most stunning visuals and take on the world!

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