Health Coverage

Health checks (comprehensive medical evaluations tailored for specific age-groups)

We offer coverage for yearly health checks at mobile medical services and health clinics.

Health counseling

We strive to create a healthy and enjoyable working environment, and offer counseling with our occupational physician and health workers.

Mental and physical healthcare programs

Asset Building

Retirement benefits system (defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan)

*Bandai Namco Studios will cover any installments or contributions to employees’ retirement plan separately from salaries or bonuses (permanent employees only)

Asset saving

In Bandai Namco Studios, we offer a system through which employees can deduct a predetermined amount their salary to deposit as savings.
The company matches two percent of the yearly amount deposited as a way to encourage employee asset building.

Employee stock ownership association

We also offer a system through which employees can purchase company stocks for ownership.
The payment for these stocks is made through small contributions that are deducted from your salary, and the company matches twelve percent of all contributions.

Life Events

Financial support for childbirth and care

We congratulate employees who welcome new members into their family with a gift of ¥200,000 for their first and second child, and ¥2,000,000 for their third child onwards.

Congratulations and condolences allowance

We provide financial gifts to celebrate events at various points in our employees’ lives, like marriage or children advancing to the next stage in their education.

Work-Life Balance

Flextime/discretionary working system

We employ two working systems. (Determined by employee grade.)
Core hours for employees working under the flextime system is 10:00–14:00, and they may freely choose their starting/ending time.

Remote work system

Two days off per week, national holidays, summer vacation, and New Year’s holidays (125* days off/year)

*126 days off/year on leap years

Refreshment leave, suggested paid leave dates

This system helps employees plan five or more consecutive days off into their yearly schedule, which can be combined with weekends and holidays.

Condolence leave

We provide (paid) condolence leave in the event of a family tragedy.

Honeymoon leave

We celebrate marriage with a monetary gift and up to five days of (paid) leave which employees can use to hold weddings or take honeymoon trips.
We also provide employees one day of (paid) leave when their children get married.

Paternity leave

We provide employees up to five days of (paid) paternity leave if their spouse gives birth.

Maternity leave

Female employees receive six weeks of pre-childbirth leave (fourteen weeks in the case of a multiple pregnancy) and eight weeks post-childbirth. (All employees that took maternity leave in fiscal 2019 returned to work.)

Family care leave

In the event employees need to take care of their family members, we provide eight days of leave per fiscal year for each family member requiring care.

Childcare leave

Employees can request to take childcare leave until their child reaches two years of age.

Life support leave

We provide employees up to thirty days of leave per fiscal year to attend to children that are chronically absent from school, for fertility treatment, or to care for family members (that are first- or second-degree relatives).

Special leave for specific purposes

We provide up to twenty days of leave per fiscal year to treat non-occupational injuries/illnesses, if a disaster causes partial/thorough damage to an employee’s housing, or for the employee to care for family members.

Child and family care-friendly working hours

Employees can work shorter hours, limit their overtime, or adjust their core hours to accommodate personal circumstances, like raising children or taking care of family members.
Employees can apply for schedule adjustments for childcare until March 31 of the end of their child’s sixth year in elementary school.

Working after 10 P.M. prohibited

The office is open for use from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M., and it cannot be used on legal holidays (Sundays). Also, overtime past 10 P.M. was prohibited in a rule introduced in April 2017 covering the entire Bandai Namco Group, meaning this rule applies to all of our group companies.

Other Support

Relocation support

We provide support to employees relocating to Japan, including visa arrangements, temporary and longer-term housing preparations, shipment of personal belongings, or opening a bank account.

Career plan sheet

Employees confidently shape their careers at Bandai Namco Studios by sharing with their superiors two- to five-year career plans and life goals, or departments they want to transfer to within the Bandai Namco Group.

Social events

We hold inter-company social events like employee trips, family events, or mid-summer beer garden outings.

Clubs and hobby groups

Bandai Namco Studio hosts a variety of employee clubs and hobby groups including baseball, futsal, photography, go-karting, bouldering, analog games, card games, TRPG, and mini 4WD. In addition, employees discuss a variety of topics through our in-house communication tools, ranging from childcare to news about tech and gadgets.

Patent registration assistance program

We provide grants for employees who create new patents both when applying and when the patent is registered (i.e. their work is patented.)

Commendation system