Survival Quiz CITY Omatsuri Hen 

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Release : 2023

Survival Quiz CITY Omatsuri Hen

【Game Introduction

Survival Quiz CITY, an online multiplayer quiz action game, is reaching new grounds! 
The original game released on PC (Steam) in March of 2022 is now back as Survival Quiz CITY Omatsuri Hen! There is now a Nintendo Switch version and cross-play is supported. 

Up to twenty players take on the challenge and are split into the “winning team” and the “losing team” based on whether they answer the quiz correctly. The teams battle each other and players aim to win each round and survive until the end! 

You can read the game introduction for the PC (Steam) version of Survival Quiz CITY here

【Developer’s Message】

Yusuke Shigeta - Producer, Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Yusuke Shigeta – Producer

The gameplay of Survival Quiz CITY, where one can have a taste of being on the winning or losing team through quizzes, comes back as a free-to-play game with Omatsuri Hen. We believe that this makes it easier for more people to join in on the fun, and we hope you enjoy the game either alone or with friends! 

You can read an interview with the developers here

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