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Release : 2022

【Team Member Comment】
Hi! I’m Taniguchi, the game’s Director!
I’m so happy that we were able to release Goonect!
The game was originally developed as a part of the training for new recruits, but none of us thought that we could get a game out of the door and onto the market during our first year in the company…!

Goonect’s beginnings were in a concept that I came up with:
You have to move in synch with your partner, ‘cause if you lose hold of their hand it’s game over.
I’m ecstatic that we were able to turn this concept into a game that people can actually play, and the entire process was a great experience. My thanks to every member of the team that worked on development all this time!

It would be great if you could let us know what you think of the game, since we’ll use every opinion that we receive as a building block for the next games we develop!
Have fun with Goonect!

Weekly Famitsu June 16, 2022 Issue (No. 1748)

【Title Explanation】
Goonect is a casual 3D action game in which two players connect online and hold hands as they work through each level.
You can grab your friends or family and form a pair, or match randomly with a someone you haven’t met before. Make your way through cute stages with your partner at your side to get a read on just how close you are.

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