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Release : 2019

【Comments from a developer】

●Hiroshi Yoshimura

CODE VEIN is a new genre of RPG, which we call dramatic exploration ARPG.
We developed this product based on the knowledge the GOD EATER dev team has accumulated such as the anime-like character expressions, the comprehensive world-building and storytelling technique, and the exhilarating combat system.
Since we introduce its beautiful characters and challenging contents to the players, CODE VEIN has recorded sales worldwide of more than a million copies. We are so grateful to customers all over the world who picked up this product.
We hope you enjoy the sense of achievement when you beat a challenging dungeon full of tough enemies with your customized avatar alongside other beloved characters. And we hope you looking forward to experiencing the spectacular story waiting ahead.


Dramatic exploration ARPG. With your partner, challenge the dungeon where horrific monsters and unknown dangers are waiting. With its flexible character customization and rich story experience, CODE VEIN has earned its popularity all over the world.

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