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Release : 2023

Distributed by Bandai Namco Online Inc.

Blue Protocol is an online action RPG for developed for PC by Project Sky Blue, a collaborative team between Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios. Delve into a cinematic anime world with stunning graphics and experience the multiplayer action as we explore new ground in this online game!

【Developer’s Message】

●Keisuke Fukuzaki – Director
We are excited to release this online action RPG that was developed collaboratively between Bandai Namco Studios and Bandai Namco Online. I could really see the team grow and improve as developers as we built the game up from scratch.
This is a live service title as well, so we are still working on improvements, additions, and upgrades for the future.
Please enjoy the beautifully rendered cinematic anime world, action RPG gameplay, and the bonds you will form with other players in this online game!

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