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ジュリアン マーセロン / Julien Merceron

After serving as CTO at Ubisoft, Eidos, SQUARE ENIX and KONAMI, Julien Merceron joined Bandai Namco Studios in 2015.
He focuses heavily on Technology Strategy, and also oversees various related initiatives in the Studio, such as the development of Game Engines and Online Social SDKs, Innovation (at Innotech), and Knowledge Management.
Having a true passion for elevating video game development, Julien serves also as an Advisory Board member of groups such as GDC (America Game Developers Conference) and CEDEC (Japanese Video Game Conference).


What is Innotech Team ?

Video Game players are craving for innovations!
Innotech is a Bandai Namco Studios Team that conducts various Research & Development projects, all related to innovation.
This small but highly efficient Team of experts is currently covering various domains like Machine Learning AI, Ray Tracing, High-end Graphics, High-end Animation, Cloud, and Blockchain. Regularly we re-evaluate Innotech’s focus so we can extend our reach to align with our Group’s Vision and Mission, and the rapidly evolving trends in our Community.
What is our main difference with typical Research & Development Teams? Typical ones are either better at Research or better at Development.
Also, they rarely work hands in hand with the Game Teams. What are the profiles we tend to look for? Expert technical people that have a passion for both Research and Video Game Development.
Our Team is currently very international, although English proficiency is not compulsory, with members coming from Japan and from abroad, thus helping us achieve a good coverage of Experience, Knowledge and Development Practices.

What is Innotech Team’s goal ?

Innotech’s goal is to provide an acceleration structure for bringing innovations to our community of players.
Why do we think we can achieve this goal? To understand that, let’s talk about how we work.
We first start by selecting topics we believe will play a strong innovative role for our Brands, we then make prototypes using whatever technology will be needed, we then show these prototypes to Game Teams, and when a Game Team partner is found, we then work hands in hands with the Game Team in the Game Engine the Game Team is using, and we will support them until their Game will ship. Because Innotech works with the Game Teams until the Games ship, we can take responsibility for any unforeseen adaptations and optimizations that might be needed in the case the Game specifications evolve seriously at any point in time during the project’s lifetime.
With that goal in mind, I invite you to think about how Machine Learning could change player experience or game development, how Ray Tracing could impact game experience, how Cloud could advance Game Development or players comfort.
If you have any creative idea you’d like to become the key innovator of, if you are curious, if you have passion in learning and elevating yourself, if you are passionate in sharing and elevating others, if you want to be at the top, come and join us! 


Message from Lead Machine Learning Engineer


ジェローム ボサー / Jerome Bosser

The video game industry has always been a forerunner and a driving force regarding new technologies, and the A.I. field is no exception.
Machine learning is about to revolutionize the way games are made and we are aiming to be a key player on this exciting journey !
Our ML team within Innotech is currently constituted of three members, One junior engineer, a senior engineer and myself.
All of us are developers with a passion for games, who are able to understand game teams’ needs and translate them into the most suitable solutions using Machine learning technologies.
We are taking advantage of some of the latest Machine Learning methods namely Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Generative Adversarial Network to tackle an extremely diverse set of challenges such as physics simulation, asset generation, image enhancement and players behavior analysis to name a few.
We are constantly seeking to recruit talented people from all over the world who are looking to apply their ML skills to tackle some of the most challenging problems of the modern game era.
The only limit of the machine learning potential is our own creativity;.
The future of the game industry is being settled right now and we will be a part of it!


Positions in Innotech Team

Machine Learning / Deep Learning Engineer
High-end Character Animation Engineer


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