Working with us

Study Groups

Various in-house study groups

Our employees proactively host study groups that cover both fundamental skills for content creation and new technology that is expected to be integral in the future.
Bandai Namco Studios has a strongly-rooted culture of holding regular study groups in which employees actively form groups to cover knowledge or technology related to development. We also hold intra-company technology exhibitions within our group to avoid knowledge and technology becoming concentrated in certain areas.

  • Sharing knowledge about new technology
  • Workshops on Maya, design, UI/UX, boxing, swordsmanship, etc.
  • Study sessions and lectures about game engines and other topics

Employee Events

Social events

We hold inter-company social events like employee trips, family events, or mid-summer beer garden outings.

Welcome parties for new employees

We hold yearly events to connect seasoned and new employees. (These include quiz competitions, employee vs. newbie game tournaments, etc.)

Other activities

Many of our employees write books about technology or translate noteworthy texts in addition to their daily work. Employees can engage in these kinds of activities as long as they observe the rules established by the company.

Additionally, employees can participate in international conventions or conferences if their contents are beneficial to creating our products. Many employees proactively hold lectures in order to disperse knowledge they gained from these events to other engineers.