Working with us

New Employee Training

  • Orientation for new graduates
    We offer a half-year orientation program for new graduates in their first year of employment. The orientation covers the topics below such as business etiquette, knowledge of legal systems necessary for game development, and more.
    ・Business etiquette and writing
    ・IP and legal training
    ・Presentation training
    ・Analog game jams, etc.
  • Bandai Namco Group joint orientation for new employees
    We offer opportunities to establish relationships with co-workers in the Bandai Namco Group.
  • Specialist training by position
    After completing the orientation program, employees are separated by position to undergo specialist training created by instructors in their field. This training gives them the knowledge and skills they will need to work as creators.

    ・Game development techniques
    ・Development languages like C++, C#, Python, etc.
    ・Imaging, 3D graphics, DCC tools (Maya)
    ・Game engine, database
    ・Project management, etc.

    【Visual artists and animators】
    ・DCC tools (Maya)
    ・Concept art, character/background models, effects, UI, etc.

    【Game designers and analysts】
    ・Concept planning, proposal writing, presenting
    ・Data analysis
    ・Project management, etc.

    【Sound designers】
    ・Sound development process
    ・Sound design
    ・Creating sound effects, game music, voice editing, multitrack audio
    ・Recording, foley, mixing, etc.
  • Team-based game development training
    After completing specialist training, employees are divided into teams that spend three to four months creating a game. This gives new employees a chance to experience the entire process of development, from creating and presenting a concept to tackling development, making adjustments, debugging, and finally presenting the game within the company.

Employee Training

  • Bandai Namco Group joint training
    Bandai Namco Group selectively offers intra-company training for newly appointed managers.
  • Marketing training
    This training program aims to foster talent that will create the products and services of tomorrow through in-depth debates and a wide variety of workshops. This content of the program focuses on how to pinpoint what our customers are actually looking for, and what we can do to bring joy into their lives.
  • Employee evaluation training
    We hold trainings for anyone involved with employee evaluation. These trainings coincide with each step of the three-step annual review process, starting with goal setting, followed by midterm review, then the end-of-term evaluation.
  • English conversation training
    Our in-house English conversation instructor provides training for employees who work abroad or whose positions require them to use English.
  • Mental healthcare program
  • Labor management training

Company-Wide Programs

  • TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests
    In order to encourage employees to learn practical English as part of our directive to strengthen our businesses internationally, we created a system where employees can periodically receive testing while at the company. Testing fees are borne by the company.
  • Online English conversation & Japanese language lessons
    Like previously mentioned, in order to strengthen our international operations and globalize our company, we offer online English conversation and Japanese language lessons to any employees who wish to participate in them.