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The Singapore studio is a bridge between Japan and the rest of Asia.

The operations of BANDAI NAMCO Studios Singapore broadly fit into two categories. One category is art asset development contracting from BANDAI NAMCO Studios in Japan. We send orders and directions to collaborating companies in China and Southeast Asia. The other category is software development for new commercial projects. As a project manager at the Singapore studio, I collaborate with producers in Japan and am responsible for game direction and managing the Singapore staff.

Endeavoring to gradually reach a compromise with staff of various nationalities.

I was originally in charge of projects as an artistic manager in Japan, but an increasing workload meant that we were pressed by the issues of insufficient personnel and the need to reduce costs. It was several years ago when we first began to consider offshore development in China and Southeast Asia. I and others were initially skeptical about moving offshore and, just as we’d suspected, things didn’t go well with collaborating companies and we experienced repeated failures. However, we carried on making steady improvements and promoting offshore development. Last year I was assigned as a founding member of the Singapore studio and we opened without a hitch. We have members of various nationalities including South Korean, French, Malaysian, British, American and Filipino! Their approach to work and their methodology when it comes to making games differ from those in Japan, but it would be wrong to force the Japanese way of thinking on them. As I listen to the views of the staff, I gain an understanding of their opinions and we gradually come to a mutual compromise. The other day, a member of the staff told me “I really like the people here. It’s such an easy place to work. I hope I can stay here.” That was really encouraging. I feel as though our company benefits from being different than the usual image that people have of a Japanese company.

A corporate culture with smiles that leave a lasting impression on visitors from Japan.

At the Singapore studio, we place great value on an environment that allows us to enjoy our work. We enjoy a vibrant social life outside of work, eating lunch together while watching Japanese anime once a month, celebrating staff birthdays, and also holding a Christmas party. People who visit from Japan always mention how memorable the smiling faces of the staff are. I hope we will continue to value this corporate culture and be a company that makes people want to work with us. Of course, the successful completion of our current first project is a prerequisite for this. I’ll enjoy myself and pull it off, even if it kills me!

The hardship of the long creative process turns to satisfaction upon seeing players’ joy.

Our game development site is engaged in slow and steady tasks and evaluation. There aren’t really any spectacular moments of bursting across the finish line. Every day we continue the process of steadily bringing to life our thoughts of how to bring joy to players, and every day problems arise. To be honest, it’s mostly hard work. This is why we get really excited when a game gradually comes together and we get the feeling that the result is sure to surprise players. When the game is finally released, seeing how players enjoy playing the game, just as we thought they would, makes us forget all of the hardship and we become filled with thoughts of how it’s all been worthwhile.

I want you to imagine the feelings and faces of people who enjoy playing games.

When I was in elementary school, I would draw manga and make things while imagining the looks on the faces of my family and friends when I showed them. If I was satisfied with the result, I’d smile and feel like I wanted to give it to family and friends as soon as possible. I remember being absolutely ecstatic when they were actually happy to receive what I’d given them. The same is true when making games. My desire to make someone happy is the force that drives me. There has to be someone you want to receive the end product. If you’re interested in making games, I want you to imagine the feelings and faces of the people who enjoy playing games. I want you to consider the lifestyles and values of players. Homework, dating, movies, smartphones... People have so many choices and it’s no easy task enticing them to choose to spend their time playing games.

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