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Data Mining

2013 Experienced Hire

Data analysis helps us make free-to-play games more fun with each passing day.

I’m an analyst responsible for data analysis for free-to-play games. I’m currently working on two titles. I receive data analysis requests from development teams and then I present the analysis results to them. By doing this, I support the development teams in making games better and more fun. Getting to actually see the outcomes, such as the analysis results being received by everyone in the team, policies being implemented according to the data, and improvements in player response, gives me a tremendous feeling that what I do is worthwhile. I pay particularly close attention to how I choose indicators and how I present my analysis results. Any game contains the thoughts and passion of the team that made it; I focus my analyses on those parts of the game in which these thoughts and passion lie. I consider myself to be part of each team as I collaborate with its members to present and analyze indicators.

I strive to be a better analyst to help make our games as fun as possible.

I’d previously conducted research at university. In addition to my original love of games, my decision to join BANDAI NAMCO Studios was driven by my belief that I would get the opportunity to exercise the curiosity that I had cultivated during my university research. An analyst must have the SQL skills needed to handle databases. Just as a programmer would have a portfolio of programs and a designer would have a portfolio of designs, I believe that it’s good to have a portfolio for analysis. In this job, it’s necessary to change one’s analysis methods depending on the game title, so there’s also the fun of exploring a whole new world of analysis for each title. The best thing is being able to create fun games in collaboration with development teams. We have an amazing environment here. Why not join us and try applying your analytical abilities and expertise?

Can I excel in my role as an analyst and present new gaming ideas for the future?

One of the challenges I’m faced with as an analyst is that of finding better indicators and analyses to make games more fun. Players’ thoughts and behaviors within free-to-play games change as time passes. I therefore work hard on the trial and error of finding better indicators and presentation methods that are suitable for whatever phase the game is in.. In the future, games are sure to evolve as new gaming consoles and new devices that replace smartphones appear. I hope that I can continue to present new gaming ideas in my capacity as an analyst as games try to keep up with changes in player attitudes, technology, and the world at large,. BANDAI NAMCO Studios is a place where many such challenges await. It’s my desire to confront these challenges shoulder-to-shoulder with our specialists serving in various other fields.

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