Game Designer

2003 Graduate Hire

I volunteered for a move to social gaming production.

Currently I’m mainly working on planning, operations, and KPI analysis as a planner for the social game, Drift Spirits. I originally worked on 3D CG backgrounds and level design for the arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjo no Kizuna as a designer, and I also handled a wide range of tasks, from 2D character design to movies and scenario creation as the visual leader for Taiko no Tatsujin. It was the launch of our social gaming business that saw me make the transition to becoming a planner. Having an interest in social gaming, I raised my hand and ventured into a new business field. I worked on Macross SP Cross Deculture!!! and learned the event planning methods and KPI analysis skills unique to social games. I’m now applying this know-how to my current Drift Spirits project, and focusing my efforts on satisfying players.

An understanding of people is vital for social gaming.

Social game operations make it possible to gauge player presence as well as the positivity or negativity of player reaction from the numbers that arrive daily. Players change their minds from one minute to the next. As a planner, I do my utmost to make plans that will exceed the expectations of players who have enjoyed a previous event, but the numbers will rapidly decrease if events are not well received. On the other hand, they’ll increase if players do enjoy them. I receive requests from players, and they’re not happy with simple responses. I first need to check where the cause of the dissatisfaction lies and then come up with measures to exceed their expectations. In addition to an understanding of games, this requires an understanding of people. There’s still a lot of room for social games to become even more fun. Game design and different systems make it possible to provide players with new experiences. I don’t want to make games that players feel like they’ve seen somewhere before. I want to use my own two hands to create completely new gaming experiences.

All of my colleagues have an exceptionally fervent passion for making games.

BANDAI NAMCO Studios was formed through the coming together of creators from BANDAI NAMCO Group. Being in a workplace filled with leaders in fields including illustration, music, and programming, I’m inspired by the skills and quality of these individuals. This drives me to improve myself. Everyone absolutely loves making games, and their passion verges on the abnormal. When we brainstorm for Drift Spirits, ideas come flying forth from planners, designers, programmers, and everyone else, regardless of their jobs. If you make a lousy plan, everyone shoots it down in flames (laughs). I’m amazed by everyone’s enthusiasm for making things more fun and better. Of course we love game jams; for our company outing we chose to have a Unity camp and got really excited about making a great game. As you can guess, anyone who’s passionate about making games would be welcome here. Join us in bringing immersive fun to the world.

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