Server Engineer

2002 Experienced Hire

My decision to go to North America to make titles that will do well in that region.

It was my deep desire to work abroad and a strong attraction to the operations of the Vancouver studio that drove me to apply for a transfer to Vancouver. I worked in server development and operations in Tokyo, where I gained a wealth of experience from the perspective of providing players with a continuously stable service. But the fact remained that the heart of our development operations was in Tokyo. I felt that to make titles that will do well in North America, it wasn’t enough to simply incorporate the local culture; we needed to change in a way that started with the very development techniques themselves. Overseas development is a major challenge but, armed with my experience, I’m determined to make some amazing products here. My current project is a mix of Japanese game design and North American game development. The project’s only just started and we’re currently at the stage of thinking about what we want to make, but every day I’m amazed by the creativity and speediness of the developers here. Each day is so exciting and fulfilling.

Using technology to support challenging game design.

My role is to provide technical support for the process of bringing to life game designs that are challenging yet maintain the quality that people expect from BANDAI NAMCO. My biggest drive comes from thinking about how to use technology to solve the various problems that arise during development. I’m the type of person who loves the technology behind games even more than the games themselves. Of course there are lots of problems that I can’t solve by myself, but the Japan studio is filled with highly experienced staff who have a wealth of information and know-how dating back to before the NES era, so they’re a highly reassuring and reliable presence. My most immediate goal for the future is to lead my current project to success. I also hope that the Vancouver studio can inherit the good points of the Japan studio and become a company that’s attractive to developers. To that end, I want to create a structure that allows for the mass production of products that will bring enjoyment to as many players as possible. Personally, I’d like to learn new skills and broaden my skill set, not only in the field of engineering but also in planning and analysis.

An environment that allows developers to let their creative juices flow.

There are lots of game companies in the world, but there aren’t many developers that can rival BANDAI NAMCO in terms of its wealth of intellectual properties, range of genres, and scope of platforms that encompass consumer, arcade and mobile gaming. We enjoy lively interaction both in and out of work, which I think enables people to acquire a broad range of development know-how. All the staff are very serious when it comes to making games and I think our studio’s culture places great value on individuality. I also think our environment allows developers to let their creative juices flow. This is a place where you can realize your dreams, whether they involve working on major titles, demonstrating your technical abilities, or coming up with new gaming concepts. We’ll give a warm welcome to anyone who’s enthused by a love of making things and the urge to take on new challenges. I hope you can experience the thrill of releasing a product with this company. The greater the difficulty, the greater the sense of accomplishment. The thrill of it is highly addictive.

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