Mechanical Engineer

2014 Graduate Hire

A robotics enthusiast training in the Mechatronics Department.

It’s only been a few months since I joined the company in April 2014. After 2 weeks of joint training, I’m currently learning under a senior colleague who’s acting as my instructor in the Mechatronics Department. I spent today assembling a cabinet in the prototype shop and helping out my senior colleagues. The training I’ve received since joining this section has included learning how to operate the machine tools in the prototype shop as well as classroom learning. I practice the entire process consisting of using CAD to create designs, having my instructor look at my drawings, and then using materials like plywood and acrylic in the prototype room to actually assemble my designs. Everyone, including my boss, guides me with such warmth, friendliness, and kindness. I’m so grateful for them. Of all 30 people in the section, I’m the only woman. Maybe that’s why they’re so kind to me (laughs). I majored in mechanical engineering at university and graduate school and also researched micro robots. These are nano-sized robots that operate under a microscope. I was also in a robot building social club, so every day during my time as a student was spent making robots.

A workplace with senior colleagues talking about fun things with a serious countenance.

In my social club at university, I entered lots of robot contests and won several special prizes. The robots I made for these contests were mainly to make people smile. They made interesting performances and unexpected actions. Even in a speed tournament, I entered a robot like that and won a special prize (laughs). My aspiration to join BANDAI NAMCO Studios also originated from Namco’s hosting of a local robot contest. I looked at various companies when I was looking for a job, but BANDAI NAMCO Studios had far and away the most interesting people. Not only are my senior colleagues a bit unconventional, they also gather together with serious looks on their faces, discussing how to make things fun and how to make players smile. I had a strong feeling that I would want to create things with these people.

I want to use the power of technology to make children smile.

My instructor told me that it’ll take about 10 years for me to reach my potential at the company, but I have accepted that. The robots that I’ve made until now have all been small enough to put on a table, and the machines, electronics, and microcomputers I’ve made have been of a level that I’ve been able to make by myself. But the arcade cabinets here are enormous to me. You can think of them as being an embodiment of the skills, knowledge, daring, and sweat of the company’s professionals in fields such as mechanics and electronics. It’s only natural that it’ll take time before I’m able to make things like that. But I hope I can become a mechanical engineer who’s able to make these huge cabinets alongside my senior colleagues as soon as possible. My dream is to build an amusement park. At this company, I hope to create an amusement park filled with machines that bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. I want to use the power of technology to make children and adults smile. That’s why I chose this company.

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