Server Engineer

2013 Experienced Hire

Aiming to create an environment that lets users play with ease and peace of mind.

As server operator for the social game The Idolm@ster Million Live, I’m responsible for the management, operation, and maintenance of the actual game environment, test environment, and development environment servers. Using access totals and comments to see players’ enjoyment in real time makes me so glad that I’m able to do this job. Hearing players use words like “interesting” and “fun” when events start and new features are added is the project team’s reward for all of their hard work. With the aim of making it easy for users to play, a server operator adjusts the infrastructure depending on the nature of the game. But there are also times when traffic is heavier than expected, causing inconvenience to players. This is why I want to solve each issue in need of improvement one by one to provide an infrastructure that’s highly reliable and more convenient.

A project that’s constantly moving at a rapid and dynamic pace.

My previous job was server, network maintenance and operations for an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game company, but the development department was completely separate and this meant that our collaboration was afflicted by communication time lags. I sometimes found this quite irritating. In my current project, designers, developers, and server operators are all close to each other and there’s a strong sense of connection. This allows us to handle any task quickly and efficiently. Social games are unique in that they are constantly changing from day to day and hour to hour. This means that speed is necessary in their creation and that the PDCA cycle proceeds at an extremely rapid pace. If trouble occurs, there’s a flurry of problem-solving ideas from all quarters, regardless of peoples’ jobs. I feel extremely proud to be a member of this project when we all come together to solve a problem when time is of the essence. I always endeavor to be a reliable presence who provides solid support for everyone on the project.

A workplace where you’re completely free to be yourself.

Members of my project team transcend the boundaries of their jobs and actively voice their own proposals. Server engineers, programmers, and designers will say things like “How about doing it like this?” or “How about we hold an event like this?” People freely voicing ideas they’ve come up with and things they want to do leads to vibrant exchanges of opinion. Everyone truly loves games from the bottom of their hearts and I’m in awe of their enthusiasm for making games, characterized by their drive to make each day even more fun than the last. This is true not only of my project; as I look around my floor, it’s the same for everyone. It’s really an unbelievable gathering of unconventional and interesting people. They don’t conform to the standard job-seeking rulebook. If you love games or you love anime and just say so openly and honestly, BANDAI NAMCO Studios will accept you. Why not join this unconventional crowd and have fun making games that lots of people will enjoy?

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