2013 Graduate Hire

Every day I’m surprised about the reality that I'm creating games, but I savor the joy of the challenge.

It's been less than a year and half since I've joined BANDAI NAMCO Studios - the first 6 months of which I spent as an employee in training. Currently I'm a programmer responsible for implementing the title screen and the shop screen menus for the social game Taiko no Tatsujin RPG da Don. Specifically, I’ve been tasked with implementing user interfaces and server communication. I’ve frequently had to communicate with designers and server engineers to check if the implementations really are correct. Also, because it is a social game, there’s at least some sort of server communication for each game screen, and this has been my first experience of programming that incorporates server communication. The investigation needed for error handling is difficult and every day I’m surprised by the reality of making games, but I savor the joy of the challenge. While I was at technical school, almost every day was spent writing programs, mainly in C++, and we also built games in teams. But I have to say that the feeling of tension, the development approach, the communication, and everything else about making games at BANDAI NAMCO is in a whole different league, which makes it an exciting place to come to every day.

New employee training, which even included greeting customers, was an entirely new experience.

I chose BANDAI NAMCO Studios because I could appreciate their approach of taking on new challenges. I too am someone who loves to create, and have a strong drive to make things that are new and original. I felt that here I would be given the chance to tackle challenges head-on. Once I actually started, even during the 6-month training period, I had so many new experiences. These included things that I hadn’t learned at technical school, like making a browser-based message board using PHP, trying my hand at making a game by myself in Unity, and making a game using the company library. All this made me so glad that I’d joined the company. Something new for me was on-location training at amusement arcades. We actually greeted customers and got to observe them enjoying our facility. The age range of players was much wider than I’d expected, and I realized ways of increasing their enjoyment. This training also helped me visualize players having fun and it was a valuable experience as it allowed me to develop the basic skills necessary for a developer.

Watching my senior colleagues in action gives me a positive sense of anxiety and frustration.

Having the opportunity to work on my first project has given me new-found appreciation for the coming together of the expertise of numerous specialists, the combination of graphics, sound effects, and data, and the process by which a game is brought to completion. It hasn’t been long since I took on my responsibilities, but I’ve learned techniques for realizing my ideas, programming techniques, and skills such as design. Watching my senior colleagues, I can feel how high they are all aiming. Those specializing in language specification, those specializing in design, and those specializing in Unity are all just amazing, with some even serving as university lecturers. Watching my senior colleagues in action gives me a positive sense of anxiety and frustration: It makes me think how I have to improve myself and do my best not to be outdone by them. Since my senior colleagues and those who joined at the same time as me all love making games and are all determined not to let anyone outdo them, this is a great environment that naturally boosts my motivation. As long as you’re ambitious, you’ll surely work well with us. I also hope to outdo my senior colleagues and create a new game that surprises them all. I hope you’ll join us and enjoy the friendly competition!

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