Technology Research

2011 Graduate Hire

Using the power of technology to create gaming that is even more fascinating.

My primary mission involves using the power of technology to bring fun, safe, and completely new experiences to players. Our work focuses on technology that is two or three steps ahead of what is currently available. This may involve going out to technology exhibitions and conferences in search of new tech that can be used in games. Any technology that appears to be particularly promising then undergoes evaluation, prototyping, and research so that it can be incorporated into games. We also handle technical requests from companies within the BANDAI NAMCO Group; often these involve tool development and technical cooperation to enable developers to work more efficiently. We share the results of such work with the company so that they may be utilized in development. Findings that can be disclosed outside of the company are presented at conferences and industry events. A recent project that I’ve worked on was the development of a highly immersive game that used next-generation video technology. This was also related to the fields of VR and AR—my particular areas of focus—and allowed me to make a series of very exciting discoveries.

Creating a completely new entertainment market that no one has ever imagined.

My goal is to create a new entertainment market. I hope to establish a new form of “gaming” like no one has ever imagined or that has only previously been possible on a very limited scope. For example, incorporating the highly advanced VR systems used in military exercises, creating a mechanism that allows a large number of people to simultaneously enjoy interactive AR/VR with a wearable device that turns the real world into a game world. I want to find ways to realize these ambitions without being held back by technology. I’m obsessed with making things that I, as the creator, am satisfied with and that will bring great surprise and enjoyment to people around the world. It’s not easy to satisfy both myself and the rest of the world at the same time but, spurred on by people who understand my ideas, I can, step by step, get close to realizing these dreams. Even as I speak at events both within and outside of the industry, I am approached by developers who share their ideas with me. An engineer’s job is to make the impossible possible. I always keep this in mind as I look to the future.

A giant toy box packed with unlimited possibilities.

My feeling is always like that of kids standing in front of a toy box. In a way, BANDAI NAMCO Studios is like a giant toy box. We provide gaming via a variety of avenues, including commercial games, consumer games social games, arcades, and toys, and have gathered together a group of specialists with a diverse array of skills and experience. When we think about what we want to bring to reality, the feeling is almost like taking toys out of a packed toy box and getting excited about how to play with them. This is an environment where we believe that anything can be made real. This is why I hope that you will always have ideas that you don’t know how to bring to life. Then, if possible, I want you to use conferences, events, and the internet to get experience of announcing your ideas. By sharing information with other people, those who resonate with your thoughts will work with you to spread your ideas. That experience is sure to come in useful here and become the driving force for creating gaming that’s even more fun.

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