2012 Graduate Hire

Working here is like being in a family. People are strict yet kind and always help each other out.

Growing up in my home country of Turkey, I used to become completely absorbed in playing Japanese games. My dad would buy them for me when he traveled to Europe on business, and it made me wonder what type of culture gave rise to such fascinating things. I wanted to meet the people who made them. Naturally developing an interest in Japan and game development, I studied computer science at university in the USA and majored in entertainment technology at graduate school. I learned about areas including programming, project management techniques, movies, and edutainment. I then took part in the BANDAI NAMCO global internship program. Of all the game development companies in Japan, it was the strict yet kind people who attracted me to the BANDAI NAMCO Studios. My superiors and senior colleagues were like Japanese mothers and fathers to me, and I felt that I’d really be able to create some fun things as long as I was with these people. Everyone helps each other out when there’s trouble, and superiors and senior colleagues are always happy to hear the ideas and opinions of younger employees. I love this family atmosphere.

I’m always asking myself how I can bring huge smiles to the faces of our players.

I work for the Amusement Machine department where I’m responsible for producing development tools, user interfaces, implementation, and interfaces that link hardware and software. Having outstanding developers who work on major game titles smile at me and say “this tool is really convenient,” makes me really happy and so glad that I, as a junior employee, am able to support my amazing senior colleagues. I also have a photo that’s very dear to me. It’s of the test installation for Piko Piko Anpanman Go and shows a little kid with a huge smile on their face playing the game with their family. When I first joined this project, I was only aware that it was for the development of game machines for young children, but when I saw this for myself at a game arcade I became overwhelmed by the feeling that our job is providing fun times to children and their families and bringing smiles to the world. This is why I sometimes look at that photograph and ask myself if I’m making something that will provide real fun for our customers. This drives me to focus wholeheartedly on product improvement.

To individuals who constantly strive for the next goal and improve themselves.

BANDAI NAMCO Studios has its sights set on the global market. It transcends borders and cultural differences to create games to be enjoyed by people all over the world. I therefore think the people who apply should be fascinated and interested in various cultures. When working, taking an interest in aspects such as which applications people doing other jobs are using for development is also vital for maintaining good teamwork. People can only cooperate when they have an understanding of each other’s environments and perspectives. Games are constantly evolving, so people who are interested in the various things the world has to offer, open to anything, and always aiming for the next goal and improving themselves are a good match for our company. I would like to be able to work in management in 3 or 4 years’ time. My ultimate goal is to use my own two hands to make a game that allows players to learn and grow as they play.

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