3D Animator

2008 Experienced Hire

Pursuing “flowing power” and “characterization”.

I work on adding animation to 3D characters to make them move. The project I’ve been involved in for the longest amount of time is the dome-screen tactical team fighting game, Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjo no Kizuna. I handle pretty much all of the animation for the mobile suits that appear after large-scale version upgrades. It’s important that I not only reproduce the nuances of the original series, but that I also compile information in advance about players’ impressions of the characters and think about movements that are suitable for these characters. Also, to check how the body will move as the center of gravity moves, I actually try moving my body around and go outside with my colleagues to film and observe ourselves moving while picking up style and animation elements needed for the game. By reconstructing these various pieces of information, I stay true to a style that’s appropriate for the product while investigating characterization and the flowing of strength on a scale that can’t be fully appreciated using imagination alone.

Seeing customers repeatedly playing our products is my greatest encouragement.

I had two reasons for choosing this path. One reason was seeing how much children with learning disabilities enjoyed the topics of games and anime when I took part in support activities for these children. Drawing was also a hobby of mine and I wanted to use this to bring joy to children. The other reason was looking at various animated works and games, which awakened me to the existence of a “realism” that’s unique to these media but different to that of the real world: Differences in the amounts of information contained within the same single action and the fact that because it’s not real life there’s the freedom to create anything as long as it looks cool. This made me want to look into depicting things through animation. After graduating from university, I attended a 3D CG vocational school and then joined BANDAI NAMCO Studios – a company that handles a lot of content aimed at children. Although I’m still learning, it makes me so happy to see a character come together in a way that I’d never imagined after animation effects, sound effects, game design, and various other elements have been added to an animation that I created. Above all else, the most rewarding part is having a player get so absorbed in a game that they insert another coin.

As a member of this organization, I want to make contributions that will clearly lead to earnings.

As a 3D animator, I want to contribute to making games even more fun. To do that, the first thing is to make things that can become properly established as products. That’s the most basic part, but I also hope I can provide things that leave a lasting impression on players as well as inspire them. However, animation is only one element of a complete game. A game with nothing but great animation wouldn’t be very good. It’s therefore necessary to cooperate with people doing various other jobs, so we can complement each other and create products that bring more value to players. That’s why I also want to undertake tasks other than animation and contribute to BANDAI NAMCO Studios from a business perspective. Although BANDAI NAMCO has a rich history, our company is still a new organization and various challenges await us as a game production company. There’s a mountain of rewarding tasks to be done. I think it’s a really fun field to work in. Why not have a great time with us as a member of a company that makes a profit from creating things that are fun?