Visual Art

1998 Experienced Hire

Balance and control of the art that brings our idols to life.

I work on visual direction, mainly for consumer games of The Idolm@ster series, such as The Idolm@ster: One for All. I handle direction and quality control for visuals, including the characters and costumes, backgrounds, video footage, and designs. In thinking about how to make the in-game idols act in cute ways and show their own personalities and emotions, as well as how the players are drawn to the idols, I select technologies that are suited to the The Idolm@ster style and elements in order to bring the idols to life. I’ve worked hard to create end results that provide enjoyment for players, who take on the role of producer, as they watch the harmonious relationships between the idols. I’m committed to creating games that are accessible and user-friendly for players who have played the game, as well as anyone else interested in the The Idolm@ster series. The project staff come together as one, with the goal of combining the elements of visuals, animation, sound, and programming to infuse ever more vibrancy into our idols.

There’s a reason why people say we’re such a noisy team.

Our The Idolm@ster project team is probably in the running for first or second noisiest team in the whole of BANDAI NAMCO Studios. Whenever we arrange visuals, staff members in charge of handling other aspects also come to take a look and don’t hold back when it comes to giving their opinions. This commotion might be a little annoying for other teams nearby (laughs). But I think this relationship really works for us. Game development takes a long time, and there are times when overlooking a tiny issue can result in a situation that can’t be fixed later down the line. To prevent things like that from happening, it’s good to have an atmosphere in which anyone who notices a potential issue is free to speak out. There are also lots of cases where a spontaneous exchange of ideas has grown into a new idea that has ended up being implemented in a game. The team consists of people who love The Idolm@ster, so of course there are also times when people can get worked up over things that aren’t really related to the game specifications (laughs).

We’ll always continue to create new and interesting things, together.

Having previously worked in editorial design, I didn’t have much knowledge of games when I jumped head-first into this industry. But this environment, which allowed me to interact with people whose expertise and ways of thinking are completely different from mine, was really stimulating and fun. Before I knew it, I’d been with the company for 15 years. Sciences, humanities, arts… There’s a mountain of difficulties in bringing various professions together to create something from nothing. But I’m not at all tired of the process of scaling this mountain as we unite to complete a game. We strive to become people who make others intrigued by how we challenge new ideas and technologies. We also want to support people like that. We want to turn BANDAI NAMCO Studios into a company that makes as many people as possible talk about how glad they are to work with us and how fun it is to play our games. Won’t you join us in creating entertainment?