We have specialists who feel tremendous joy from creating new gaming experiences
that bring smiles and happiness to people around the world.
Would you like to feel this passion for yourself? Would you like to experience the joy of making games with us?

Designing New
Game Designer

Game Designer

Constantly working to bring new experiences, surprises,
and fun to players — it’s the job of Game Designers to handle the planning at the core of our content.
Their work involves a wide range of fields,
including arcade gaming, consumer gaming, and social gaming.

Using Technology
to Bring New
Gaming to Life


It’s technology that brings new gaming to life.
We have a wide range of Engineers, including Programmers,
who realize and support new gaming, using technology to bring new experiences to players.

Orchestrating Sound
that Breathes Life
into Games
Sound Creator

Sound Creator

Sound creates realism and emotion.
Sound Creators handle everything from the composition of a game’s opening music,
background music, soundtrack and sound effects, to recording and placement in the game.

Creating Visuals
that Take Fun to the Max.


Design and visuals have the power to maximize the value of content.
Our Designers work in a wide range of design fields,
including 2D, 3D, animation, arcade game cabinets, and promotional items.

Maximizing the
Abilities of
Other Jobs

Other Jobs

We’re only able to produce fun new gaming thanks to all the people
who maximize and support the abilities of our creators and all the people who drive our projects forward.