Education and Training Programs

We are committed to the education of our personnel.
Many of our employees are passionate about improving their technical capabilities
and we cater to their needs with a variety of study sessions.

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Our Goal: BNS Vision

We will continue to improve our personnel training to realize our vision.
Many of our employees are also passionate about enhancing their technological capabilities,
and voluntary study sessions are very popular.

A company that continually provides content to bring smiles and happiness to people around the world./A company that provides the world’s best environment for allowing creators to unleash their full /A company that will always be an engine for next-generation development by creating unique content.

Training Programs

For All Employees


Content includes PC skill improvement and “Animal Thinking.” Take classes about things you want to learn.


In line with our policy of strengthening our overseas operations and the practical English proficiency that it demands, we have introduced a system for tests to be taken regularly at the company. The company pays the test fees.
Stratified Training

BANDAI NAMCO Group Year 3 Joint Employee Training

This training allows our employees to reflect on their first three years at the company to get a real feeling of their progression and cultivate their drive for the future. This training is jointly conducted by the entire Group, so it is also an opportunity to strengthen horizontal ties.
For Developers

Scrum Training

With the aim of maintaining a position of strength in the rapidly changing game industry, this training allows developers to learn development techniques to improve product value while swiftly bringing products to the market and gaining feedback.

Marketing Training

What is it that customers are looking for and what is it they really want? What do we have to do to put smiles on our customer's faces? Using tools such as in-depth discussions and a variety of workshops, we learn how to develop human resources who can create new products and services.
For Managers

Mental Health Management Training

Labor Management Training

For Employees Stationed Abroad

Spoken English Training

For New Employees

Basic Employee Training

Specialized Training

BANDAI NAMCO Group Outdoor Training

Location Training

This training allows new employees to learn the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to be an active part of BANDAI NAMCO Studios. Training covers a wide range of topics, but the main characteristics are BANDAI NAMCO Group joint field training and location training at NAMCO facilities. Each new employee is assigned an instructor who guides their on-the-job training. New employees in technical roles also undergo training in making games using actual hardware.

Study Sessions

A Plethora of Study Sessions

Our mid-level employees play a central role in conducting regular independent study sessions about subjects including basic skills necessary for content development and the latest technologies that will be required in the future. We have established a corporate culture that allows our employees to get together for study sessions focused on the knowledge and skills that they think they need. Furthermore, to prevent our knowledge and skills from stagnating, we also reach beyond our own organization and participate in large technology presentations.


Spoken English school

Maya courses

Unity study sessions and courses

Drawing classes

Unreal Engine study sessions

And many more...

Game Jams

We hold game jams that go beyond the boundaries of employees’ jobs and departments.


We have many employees whose activities include writing technical books and translating useful books from other countries. As long as they follow the rules, we recognize such employee pursuits.

If we acknowledge that an employee’s interests are necessary for us to create our products, it will also be possible for them to take part in shows, conferences, and other events in Japan and abroad. They also independently choose to conduct courses and other sessions to share the knowledge they’ve gained with other engineers in the company.

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