Game Designer
Associate Producer

2014 Experienced Hire

What is your job and what do you do?

Hi, I’m an Associate Producer here at BANDAI NAMCO Studios Vancouver. Currently I'm involved in the production of our first title. Aside from that, I do studio related tasks such as helping to promote our studio, participating in the hiring process, and assisting project progression. I also get to help out with the local university projects, which is exciting in its own ways as well.

Why did you choose this job?

Interesting story. Last year I was working in Tokyo with a plan to return to Vancouver to finish my bachelor’s. While I was there, I met the founding members of the Vancouver studio. At the time I was not interested in working, and if it were any other company I would not have joined. However, the legacy that BANDAI NAMCO carried, and the opportunity to be part of a new, ambitious journey really made this opportunity special. So in the end I joined. As marketing speak as that sounds - it's actually true.

What are your favorite aspects of this job?

Challenges are synonymous with fun, so the biggest challenges tend to be the most interesting part of the job.

Hiring has been exactly just that. It took us a long time to get our first local hire. There are far too many factors for me to list that causes it to be challenging, but that’s makes it incredibly interesting. I’ve realized that when you interview someone great, they give you this feeling that your possibilities are widening. Things that seemed impossible before now feel like a practical reality, and that’s a very, very exciting feeling.

On an unrelated note, I also love team karaoke nights. It’s hardly easy on our ears but I enjoy it because I’m the one dealing the damage. Muhaha!

What is your goal and vision for the future?

I’ll speak from the perspective of BANDAI NAMCO Studios Vancouver as a whole.
We want to create something that lasts.
BANDAI NAMCO is an everyday brand for people in Japan. This is an incredible achievement - and our goal is to be equally as ubiquitous in the rest of the world.
This Vancouver studio spearheads that mission.

It's quite ambitious. But with a history of creating hits like Pac-Man, Tekken, and Soul Calibur, we think it's possible. And to help us achieve that, we need to start by hiring the best people, working with the best partners, and being passionate about games ourselves.

What does BANDAI NAMCO Studios mean to you?

You get to work among super humans. People here have the energy, the intellect, and the relentless ambition for crafting the best player experience possible (oh, and inappropriate amounts of creativity).

The studio is also still in its startup phase, and for that reason there is more work than there are people. So if you have the curiosity and the will to drive it forward, you are encouraged to pick up responsibilities outside of your role.

How do you feel about game production?

Ah, good question. I think all game developers have some sort of creative ambition. And really, my goal is exactly the same as anybody else's in the game industry. 10 years or 20 years down the line, I want someone to come into an interview and say "I want to work here because I grew up playing the games you made".

Message for people who wish to join BANDAI NAMCO Studios

We're suckers for achievers. What is the highest impact work you have achieved? How did you do it? Or, if it was a group effort, how did you contribute? We believe that a person's accomplishments reflect strongly on their passion, effort and working style, and that's why we put a strong emphasis on seeing the bottom line.

Based on that, my advice is for candidates to highlight and summarize their best accomplishments on their resume. Also, we don't require a cover letter, but we always look at portfolios. Good luck!

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