Game Designer
Creative Director

2013 Experienced Hire

What is your job and what do you do?

My current project hasn’t been announced yet so I can’t disclose too much about it, but we’re developing an arcade game for the Dome Screen machine.

Why did you choose this job?

My previous company closed down last year around the same time when BANDAI NAMCO was planning to open a new studio in Singapore. It was a good opportunity for BANDAI NAMCO to hire a group of talented individuals who already had a good amount of experience working together. Creating a new studio from scratch is often difficult as a lot of developers with various backgrounds and experiences have to learn how to work together. This usually takes a lot of time, but it was facilitated by the fact that all the members of my team knew each other and collaborated on previous projects.

What are your favorite aspects of this job?

Working in an entirely new field is definitely interesting and challenging at the same time. I’ve worked on PC and console development for almost 20 years but it’s the first time I’m building a game for an arcade machine so there’s definitely a lot to learn and many differences between the platforms. Luckily, there are many very experienced people at BANDAI NAMCO who are ready to help.

Having a single platform with unique hardware is very interesting to develop for, as it combines the benefits of console development (unique architecture) and the benefits of the PC (powerful hardware) without inconveniences like having to support an infinite number of hardware combinations (like PC for example).

Communication can sometimes be a challenge but we’re putting in place good processes and practices to improve it between Tokyo and Singapore.

What is your goal and vision for the future?

I’m fairly new to the arcade development, so there’s a lot to learn. I’m trying to bring a western angle and influence, and I’m hoping to improve some aspects of the game development process based on best practices that have proved very successful in the West.

Managing multiple projects would be a logical progression in the longer term, but leading one game is keeping me busy enough so far.

What does BANDAI NAMCO Studios mean to you?

Working for a Japanese company as prominent as BANDAI NAMCO is definitely a dream come true. Japanese animation and games were extremely popular when I grew up in France; I remember being fascinated by Japanese culture and media since a young age. I used to own a SuperGrafx, Sega MegaDrive and Playstation 1 as a kid, so I played a large number of Japanese games.

I remember seeing Pacman for the first time and being amazed by the fact that some form of intelligence could be infused into a non-biological substrate. Seeing the ghosts act seemingly on their free will and devise elaborate strategies to prevent my Pacman from eating his pills seemed magical at the time, and working with artificial intelligence has a been a favorite pastime of mine ever since. Tekken is also my favorite fighting game; I’ve spent countless hours fighting with my favorite character, Paul Phoenix. I mean c’mon, you can box against a kangaroo, how cool is this?

How do you feel about game production?

I’ve been working in games for a long time but it never gets old. There are always new technologies and techniques to explore. Taking advantage of those is allowing designers to create compelling experiences and artists to push the limits of visual fidelity. Every project is an opportunity to break new ground and a chance for the members of the team to express themselves through hard work and creativity.

I believe arcade games will be the stage of some impressive innovations in the coming years. There are many technologies being developed which are not practical in the home but will make perfect sense at the arcade center and I can’t wait to contribute in bringing those new experiences to players around the world.

Message for people who wish to join BANDAI NAMCO Studios

I highly recommend fresh graduates to consider BANDAI NAMCO Singapore, as we strive to create a unique work culture that combines the best aspects of Asian and Western development approaches.

We want to set the bar very high, make the very best games we can and have fun doing it.

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